Yo Bitch! Vince Gilligan Is Working On A 'Breaking Bad' Movie

Shit’s getting real, bitch!

(© Sony Pictures Television)

Five years after the explosive end of Breaking Bad, The Hollywood Reporter reports that the story might not be completely over yet. Vince Gilligan, the showrunner for the series for five seasons, is currently preparing a two hour film in collaboration with the original studios, Sony Pictures Television. Not much information has yet been released about the project, but what we do know is very exciting... 

Of course, Vince Gilligan will be handling the feature film, although we don't know yet if it'll be released in theaters or screened on TV. AMC, the network which launched Breaking Bad in 2008, has not been linked to the movie for now. The showrunner will write the script, produce the film, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, could even work behind the camera.

While it's too soon to know yet whether the film will be a prequel, like Better Call Saul, or a sequel, we do know that the movie, whose unofficial title is Greenbrier, will follow a kidnapped man in search of freedom (which hints at the way we left Jesse at the end of the series). 

And just like in Breaking Bad, the action will be set in New Mexico. The Hollywood Reporter explains that production should begin this month. We don't yet know whether the original cast will make an appearance. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, the ball's in your court!