The Trashy Cops In 'Paradise PD' Will Be Back For A Second Season

Arriving unexpectedly, Netflix's most borderline animated series is now settling into the platform, which has confirmed it'll be back for a second season. 

Just when post-summer depression was starting to set in at the end of August, Netflix saved the day by adding Paradise PD to its catalog. In other words, with its crude jokes and colorful yet trashy animation – sensitive souls had best abstain –, the animated series produced by the platform was the perfect remedy to keep our spirits up. And the good news is that it'll soon be back for a second season, which is sure to make us cry with laughter too. 

As The Hollywood Reporter reports, Netflix has just commissioned a double dose of Paradise PD, with 20 unseen episodes planned for the coming years. However, no date has yet been specified for the comeback, suggesting that we might have to wait until 2020 before receiving news of our favorite bunch of crazy cops. 

The announcement of this renewal, which was fairly predictable in light of the positive feedback received by the series since it was released, is a great sign for lovers of animated productions. Lately, Netflix has also recommissioned Disenchantment for a new batch of episodes. Now we're just waiting for a similar announcement about Big Mouth, which is more than deserving of a third season.