The Joker Film With Joaquin Phoenix Now Has A Title And Release Date

Last week, as if their dreams had come true, fans of DC comics woke up one morning to some pretty good news: Warner really is preparing a film about the Joker (which has been described as very dark), with a certain Joaquin Phoenix in the starring role.

Our future Joker, in The Master. (© Metropolitan Filmexport)

Fans who felt let down by Suicide Squad – and who weep at the poor quality of DC films compared to movies made by Marvel –, can regain hope with this film which looks set to be in the same vein as the Dark Knight trilogy.

And what's more, we learned today that the film, which will simply be entitled Joker, will be released in theaters on October 4 2019. Much earlier than fans were expecting. Rumors mentioned filming in September, which didn't seem very feasible at the time, but which now looks likely to be true. 

Besides Joker, Aquaman and Shazam have also been scheduled for release (on December 19 2018 and in April 2019 respectively). Joker will be released several days before Wonder Woman 1984, which is planned for October 31 2019. DC is finally waking up, although the quality of their projects is yet to be seen.

A bit of trivia for you: the new Ang Lee movie, Gemini Man, with Will Smith, as well as Woman in the Window by Joe Wright, are also currently scheduled for release on October 4 2019. It's hard to see so many big films being released at the same time, and some are likely to be postponed. 

We imagine that if filming takes place in September, the first trailer should be released next spring. You know what to do in the meantime — yes, watch The Dark Knight or Burton's Batman films on a loop to remember the good old days when DC films were a cut above the rest.

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