A Tense First Trailer Has Been Released For 'Pearson', The 'Suits' Spin-Off

Jessica Pearson heads off to bring law and order to Chicago.

All good things come to an end, even a super popular legal comedy. After nine seasons of loyal service, Suits will permanently leave our screens in 2020 following the renewal and subsequent cancellation of the series by USA Network. Although we'll have to say goodbye to Mike and Harvey, the "Suits Cinematic Universe" won't be disappearing completely, as a spin-off set in Chicago and focusing on Jessica Pearson, still played by Gina Torres, will soon be released. And to celebrate the return of the powerful lawyer, the network has provided a first glimpse of the series with an intriguing trailer. 

In Pearson, the lawyer leaves New York for the capital of Illinois to make a name for herself in a court reputed for being corrupt and intractable. She'll have to draw on her talents to make headway in a masculine, politicized world. Although screenwriter Aaron Korsh, the creator of Suits, is still at the helm, there's a clear change in tone and ambience in the images from the trailer. The spin-off tends more towards drama than comedy, although Jessica Pearson's enjoyable punchlines still hit the mark. 

In her quest for justice and recognition, the lawyer will become the right-hand woman of mayor Bobby Novak (Morgan Spector, Homeland), seen briefly in Episode 16 of Season 7 of Suits. She'll have to juggle her irresistible desire to do good and her enormous ambition, which may end up consuming her. The launch of Pearson is scheduled for some time in 2019 on USA Network, while the second part of Season 8 of Suits resumed in the United States on January 23. 


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth