Michael B. Jordan Could Take Over The Role Of Superman

Now that Henry Cavill has left DC Comics and hung up his Superman costume, a new face is already tipped to play the superhero: Michael B. Jordan could be set to take over the role, according to Deadline.

Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther. (© Marvel)

Despite his perfect physique for playing the character, Henry Cavill could have opened up a new wealth of opportunities for the African American acting community by abandoning his iconic role. Michael B. Jordan could soon become the first black Superman in the history of cinema. A bit like Idris Elba who was tipped to replace Daniel Craig as 007.

Although this innovative idea is sure to infuriate reactionaries who refuse to contemplate a black Superman, the actor otherwise seems to be the ideal candidate to don the superhero's cape. After recently playing Erik Killmonger in Black Panther and the Human Torch in The Fantastic Four, Michael B. Jordan has proven that he's more than comfortable with the blockbuster world. 

While he demonstrated his courage on numerous occasions in Fahrenheit 451, he also gave an impressive display of the coolness he is capable of exuding in Creed. His savage, structured fights would be sure to breathe new life into the iconic pop culture figure of Superman. 

Meanwhile, recently spotted in Mission Impossible 6 with his famous moustache #KingStache – digitally removed in Justice League –, Henry Cavill is now working on a new role, and not just any role, in the series The Witcher.

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