An Unheard Track By Thomas Bangalter From Daft Punk Has Surfaced

Anything even remotely to do with Daft Punk can take the internet by storm in minutes, and the two Parisians enjoy cultivating the mystery surrounding their image. This is clear from a new upload to Instagram. Pedro Winter, aka Busy P, has shared an excerpt from a new track by Thomas Bangalter, one of the legendary men in helmets, on the social network.

While the content was published from the account of Pedro Winter's label, it isn't a production by Ed Banger Records. Entitled “Riga (Take 5)”, the 14-minute track was used for a French/Latvian film last year: RIGA (TAKE 1). A feature film directed by French director Siegfried, which was nominated for the “Latvian Film Prize Best Score Award”.

While we still have very little information, we can report that the track is resolutely techno, and a lot less funky than the last album – and masterpiece – by Daft Punk, Random Access Memories. It's a bewitching melody “made in Latvia”, which sounds almost like a return to the duo's roots.

Last month, we discovered an unheard track from one half of Daft Punk in another film, perhaps better known this time: Climax by Gaspar Noé. The soundtrack for the film featured Thomas Bangalter's track “Sangria”, as well as "Rollin & Scratchin" by the most famous French duo.

Tous les jours c'est Friday.